This Blog Post Needs Pictures

I would like to be naming this post, “Made it to Matueka”, or “Wwoof Hunting in Wine Country”, but I can’t, today.  I’m afraid this day will only be committed to my mind’s eye because my trusty iPhone “went missing” right before I left Vanuatu.  So, there was no camera to take exquisite pictures of the rolling hills and sea around New Zealand’s wine country today.

In memory of my iPhone, and to properly eulogize her, not only was the iPhone my camera, but also she was my notebook, address book, calendar, alarm clock, music player, game console, radio, newspaper, Kindle, weather report, map to anywhere, calculator, audio and video recorder, movie viewer, television, and she was my bank.  Siri even spoke to me when I asked her questions.  I miss Siri.

So, iPhone was replaced–sorry iPhone–with a burner phone, the kind that criminals toss into trash cans when fleeing “the scene”. Let me just compare for a moment iPhone to the burner: the burner clock is fast, by a lot, and the date changes on its own.  For example, today, the burner said it was October 30th at 4:45 p.m.  It was actually November 30th at 4:05 p.m.  So, why then did the alarm clock wake me up on time this morning?  Why would I want my iPhone back with service like that?

I think cheap phones were made for criminals.  Think about it.  If you have a phone that records the incorrect date and time, you’re on easy street.

You ask if I backed up to the cloud.  Of course I did, which is a comfort.  So, one day when I go somewhere where iPhones cost less than $1200, I will buy a new one.  Until then, I’ll practice being more descriptive.

If anyone out there has an old iPhone or Galaxy that they don’t mind shipping to New Zealand, I would happily accept it.  Although, it has to be an UNLOCKED phone so that the SIM cards from different phone services in different countries will work.  For example, if you bought your phone at Verizon or Sprint, etc., then your phone is probably locked for use only by those companies.  But, if you know you have an unlocked phone sitting around doing nothing, it may get a second life traveling and providing wonderful pictures for you again.

Published by: So the World Goes

What began as a data collection endeavor, following Cyclone Pam, has become an adventure that has taken me from Vanuatu's central islands on to the north, and back, spending time in remote island villages and cosmopolitan cities, all while living on boats. Since I arrived in August, Vanuatu has experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake and the jailing of 14 government officials, for corruption, the last of which brought a UN warning of riots. Luckily the latter didn't happen. But, from flying fish to the red glow of volcanoes, I wish this waking dream could last forever. Frequency of Posts While the intention was to blog almost daily, either being at sea or experiencing limited internet access, has put me way behind on posting. The upside is that there are still many stories to share, the lack of internet access being a story all its own. That said, life in a developing nation that toggles between old the world and the new, is both romantic and frustrating. So, please be patient as I must also be. Contact me at

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