About Lydia Johnson

What began as a data collection endeavor, following Cyclone Pam, has become an adventure that has taken me from Vanuatu’s northern islands, south to remote island villages,  and even further south to cosmopolitan cities, all while living on a boat.  From the classroom to field life, everyday holds adventures from receiving live chickens as gifts to lifting truck tires out of manholes.  This is paradise.

Life in Developing Nations

Since I arrived in August, Vanuatu has experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake and the jailing of 14 elected government officials, for corruption, the last of which brought a UN warning of riots.  Luckily the latter didn’t happen.  But, from flying fish to the red glow of volcanoes, I wish this waking dream could last forever.

Frequency of Posts

While the intention was to blog almost daily, either being at sea or experiencing limited internet access, has put me way behind on posting.  The upside is that there are still many stories to share, the lack of internet access being a story all its own.  That said, life in a developing nation that toggles between the old world and the new, is both romantic and frustrating.  So, please be patient as I must also be.

Contact me at lydiaajohnson@gmail.com


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